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A Survivor’s experience of counselling

When I started CHOICES’ counselling, I found it extremely distressing, the first couple of months made me feel so awful mentally and physically, I almost gave up several times. It was not only hard to try to begin to talk about my childhood, but even harder to a complete stranger whom I felt was distant… Read More »

The Survivor’s Blog

Continuing with my blog on my own personal journey of survival, I find it is important to remember one main thing: it was never your fault. No matter the severity of what happened or how long it continued, be it once or, in my case, over many years, being a child at the time, does… Read More »

A Survivor’s Blog, continued…

Although everyone’s journey is different coming from different experiences and moving on to much better and much more positive experiences, I think we all reach the same point along the way: for me, reaching a point where I could not continue feeling trapped and claustrophobic with the “secret” that I had to keep, acting as… Read More »

A Survivor’s Blog

Hi, I am a survivor of childhood psycho sexual abuse and I would like to share my story to help others regain the confidence to face the world again.  Between the ages of 7 to 14, I was sexually abused on a weekly basis by my father.   Since then, I have been through a lot… Read More »