A Survivor’s Blog, continued…

By | October 6, 2016

Although everyone’s journey is different coming from different experiences and moving on to much better and much more positive experiences, I think we all reach the same point along the way: for me, reaching a point where I could not continue feeling trapped and claustrophobic with the “secret” that I had to keep, acting as if everything was normal, and I felt that I had to explode and break through the surface.

For me, having someone along the way just to listen, be it a family member, close friend, counsellor or journal entry, helped me immensely to come to terms with what had happened to me, and what and where I want to go from there. No-one should have to go through anything like this alone as it is too much of a struggle to debate feelings, thoughts, and memories alone.

To speak metaphorically: my own journey has been like swimming in the sea, until now I have been held under struggling to break the surface, and only when I saw a hand to help me out, did I have the courage and power to reach for the surface. Even so, I have only reached the surface of the water and I am still a long way from reaching the calmness of the land, but I have done the hardest part and I can take time to stop, tread-water and catch my breath along the way. But I will make it there.